Thank you very much for coming to the Shiga Sake Festival in Otsu 2023.
We are very grateful that the project was completed successfully without any major problems.
The Governor of Shiga Pref. Mikazuki also came, and in addition to giving a toast, he also visited various booths and enthusiastically listened to sake and talked with brewers.Thank you very much.
Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone at EINS Corporation and S-Surf Co., Ltd. for their assistance this time.


Shiga Sake Festival 2023 movie

The “Shiga Sake Festival in Otsu 2023” has been published on the Shiga Sake Association official channel.
(The captions are in Japanese.)

A total of 31 breweries in Shiga Prefecture exhibited their sake, and the tasting event was attended by over 900 people.

Governor Mikazuki also came and gave a toast, making it a very lively tasting event. Please check it out.

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Shiga Sake Festival in Otsu 2023 (“Shiga-Jizake-no-Saiten in Otsu”)

The largest tasting event for Shiga sake!
“Shiga Sake Festival” will be revived after about four years!
31 sake breweries that are members of the Shiga Sake Brewing Association gather together.
You can mainly enjoy unique Japanese sake called “Shiga sake”.
mellow, light, fruity, refreshing, tasty sake,
 sparkling sake, Japanese liqueur,
hot sake ,and more…
An annual tasting event where the delicious sake of the lake country gathers together,We look forward to your participation.


1.Sake tasting booths from 31 breweries in Shiga

 All the breweries in Shiga Prefecture are gathered together. Each brewery has its own booth, where you can sample more than 200 types of local sake.

2.Shiga sake spot sale

You can taste the sake at the venue and purchase your favorite sake on the spot.

 ※Please forgive me when it is sold out.
 ※Some sake cannot be purchased.


Event name

Shiga Sake Festival in Otsu 2023 (“Shiga-Jizake-no-Saiten in Otsu 2023”)
Venue Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel (Prince Hall)
Date and time

October 1st, 2023(Sun.)
1st session 12:00~14:15(Up to 750 people)
2nd session 14:45~17:00(Up to 750 people)
Admission fee

(Advance)3,000 yen /(today) 3,500yen
Admission on the day will be cashless payment only.
This year’s festival has adopted a two-part system. Please purchase a ticket for a convenient session.
Advance tickets can be purchased here.

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Organizer Shiga Sake Brewing Association
 Operational cooperation EINS Corporation
Patronage Shiga Prefecture

☆Exhibiting Sake Brewer

Hirai-Shoten/Naminooto Shuzo/Ohta shuzou Co.,Ltd./Furukawa Shuzo/TAKEUCHI Co.,Ltd./Kitajima Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd./Fujimoto Brewery Co.,Ltd./Mifukushuzo Co.,Ltd./EMISHIKI sake brewery Co.,Ltd./Yasui Shuzojo/Shiga Shuzo/Tanaka Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd./Sekoshuzo Co.,Ltd./Mochizuki Shuzou/  
Matsuse Sake Brewery Co., Ltd./Yao Shuzo Co.,Ltd./Hata-Shuzou/Kita Shuzo Co.,Ltd./Masumoto Toubei Shuzojou/Nakazawa Shuzo/Taga Co.,Ltd./Okamurahonke Co.,Ltd./Fujii Honke Sake Brewery/Sato Syuzo Corporation/Tomita Shuzo Inc./Yamaji Brewery Inc./yoshida-sake/Ikemoto Syuzou Co.,Ltd./Kawashima Shuzo/Uehara Shuzo/Fukui Yahei Shoten Co.,Ltd.

☆Advance tickets

\ It is on sale at Pass Market./

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Please read the above code with your smartphone.

  • This time, we will hold the event in two parts: 1st session and 2nd session. Each ticket is separate, so please purchase the ticket for the desired session.
  • To purchase tickets at the pass market, please prepare your smartphone (or tablet) and Yahoo! JAPAN ID for the system. If you do not have a Yahoo! JAPAN ID, you can obtain one for free from the Yahoo! JAPAN ID registration form.

  • To pay for paid tickets, you can use your PayPay balance, credit card, convenience store payment, or Yahoo! Wallet.
  • Tickets are smartphone-only tickets. No paper tickets will be issued; your smartphone screen will serve as your ticket. Please show the screen at the reception.
    • “受付する” on the screen will be operated by the staff at the reception on the day.(”Ticket Mogiri” means grab your ticket with your smartphone.)
    • Tickets cannot be transferred or distributed. If the purchase is made by multiple people, the purchase must be completed all at once using the purchaser’s smartphone.
  • You can purchase it on your PC, but you can enter on the smartphone screen above.  Please display the ticket screen on your smartphone when entering.
  • If a smartphone-only ticket is not available at the reception desk, please inquire at the reception desk before entering.  If you present proof of purchase (e.g. printout of reception completion email, etc.), we will be able to process your request smoothly.
  • Please note that tickets cannot be canceled or refunded.


Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel

大津プリンスホテル全景4-7-7, Nionohama, Otsu-city, Shiga, Japan (Zip Code 520-8520) 
TEL: +81-77-521-1111 
FAX: +81-77-521-1110

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By train or bus

  • About 12 minutes on foot from JR Biwako Line (Tokaido Line) Zeze Station (Nearest station).
  • About 12 minutes on foot from Keihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line Keihan-Zeze Station (Nearest station).
    (Roads, trains and buses are expected to be congested on the day. If possible, please consider walking from Zeze Station.)
  • About 10 minutes by free shuttle bus from Otsu Station. 12 minutes by toll bus (Nagisa Koen Line).
  • About 15 minutes by taxi from JR Kosei Line Otsukyo Station.

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  • We do not allow anyone driving a car to drink alcohol.
  • We do not allow alcoholic beverages or food other than those provided at the venue to be brought into the venue.
  • Please be careful not to get drunk.
  • Please refrain from any behavior that may cause a nuisance to other customers, such as cutting in line.
  • Since this is an event for sake lovers, we do not allow anyone under the age of 20 to participate or enter.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the venue. Please smoke in areas outside the venue.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Please refrain from fighting inside or outside the venue.

We ask for your cooperation in making the Shiga Sake Festival a fun and enjoyable one for everyone.


Shiga Sake Brewing Association
Person in charge: Sawa
2-1, Uchidehama, Otsu-city, Shiga, Japan
Collabo-Shiga 21 1st floor